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To glam up the overall look, A Plain or an embroidered cotton outfit is not always works for fancy lady as she has to style up with imprinted vogue and that is when the printed cotton dress material comes into mind. However the readymade printed cotton dresses are available in the market but many women prefer to buy dress material catalogue at wholesale price to craft tailor-made outfit from Local tailor. Various Printing patterns have been in the trend and ruling fashion world from many years not only in India but also in foreign countries. In fact today we see thousands of prints on different types of fabric with using various shades. These printing styles on cotton fabric make any female falls in love with it and it is indeed true statement.

Importance of printed cotton fabric

Printed Cotton fabric is not only popular among Indian ladies but also equally liked by Men and that is the reason we see number of printed shirts and pants for male in Indian fashion. For Female when she is trying to make the fashion game on point and she couldn’t find anything extraordinary from wardrobe then she simply pulls out printed cotton outfit. This suggest us that Indian woman loves to be decorated herself in this cotton fabric.

Traditional printing methods apply on Cotton fabric

Badhani : Badhani word derived from a Sanskrit word ” Bandha “ which simply means to tie something as In a printing process ,the fabricators used to tie white cotton fabric and painted through bare hands it with traditional method.

These famous Gujarati printing patterns applied on Six-yard-fabric and it was most identifiable as hand-made print especially for designer sarees later on it has brought into make Printed fabric. Today it is one the most popular printing style that is used on printed cotton dress material.

Batik ; The cotton clothing decoration is incomplete without Batik pattern and this ancient printing style is 2000 years old only applied in Africa and middle east and china to beautify white cotton fabric. In India we use screen printing machine to generate same printing style on Cotton fabric

Patola; Another Printing Style of Gujarat which was named from Patan City and It was applied on cotton fabric from over a 100 years ago when Royal families used to wear printed dress. After that it was lost from few years due to lack of printing workers in Gujarat region but now it has once again made grand entry in Indian fashion and that’s is the reason one can see fashion model at Mumbai rocking onramp wearing cotton dress with having Patola style printing.  Check out some cotton suits images here

Ikat: One can say it’s a dyeing technique as it is not a proper printing style but nowadays. It has been used as a method of printing only for Cotton dress material. In past days it was applied for decorating a saree hence it referred as a dyeing technique not a printing method. 

Printing methods applied using machine

You see checked, floral, polka, geometric any many more printing styles on cotton fabric and these designs can be generated through machine. Screen printing stays on cotton cloth for long time and looks very attractive that’s why the textile manufacturers prefer it to produce bulk of printed cotton dress materials in less time. Moreover the manufacturing cost of as such printed fabric is less comparing to traditionally printed cotton fabric. Today 80% of cotton fabric manufacturers are using machine to embellish printing designs due to that the wholesalers are getting bulk catalogs at cheap rate and also the retail price of printed cotton material is also competitive.

 Why prints on cotton material are in high demand?

India is a tropical country and during the day even in winter and summer, the atmosphere is quite hot which forces Indian females to wear cotton outfits on daily basis. Although the printing makes any type of cloth looks beautiful, the cotton is the most preferred printed fabric by almost all Indian Girls. Due to this reason fabricators apply various types of printing styles on cotton material.

Why printed cotton can’t go off the trend from Indian fashion?

Newest designs in printing makes the printed cotton a hottest trend of all time in traditional styles. Due to modern printing techniques, every time we get to see creative patterns on cotton material and Fashion conscious woman can’t stay away from buying such attractive fabric. This is the main reason; it is always in high demand and never goes out of the trend. Today you may find in same fabric Kurtis Catalog are made at reasonable wholesale price

Available at affordable price?

These days many wholesalers are claiming that our prices are best in textile market. Now how can any retailer trust on one wholesaler?

To find the answer, just compare the wholesale price of catalogue between all of them. It is little bit time consuming process but to earn the maximum profit every retailer has to do it before ordering any women clothing catalogue. Understand one thing, you can only find out the exact bulk rate if you are dealing directly with manufacturer. The CottonDuniya is the wholesale online store that is running by Manufacturer from Surat where retailers around the world can get to see the printed cotton dress material catalogue online affordable wholesale price.